Sandy Gary and Dick Kraus.


This is hard to do, but it's time. For the past few months it has been only Sandy and me at the Brunch table. Sandy has heard all of my war stories and I have heard all of hers. Lately the conversations have concerned health issues, and that's really very sad.

So, it's obvious that the time has come to pull the plug and let the remaining Dinosaurs remember the good old days and the camaraderie of one of the finest group of professionals who worked together to put out our newspapers in the NY Metropolitan area.

I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your participation, for sharing your wisdom and your skills, both on the job and as a fellow Dinosaur.

And my special thanks to Sandy Garry for being here to shed a tear for the last Dinosaur Brunch.

And here's one last Photo of where it all began.

July 15 2002

5 Newsday Photographers who have just retired or who will be doing so soon, gather at my apartment for Burger's and Beer at what would eventually turn into The Dinosaurs Monthly Brunch.

Front Row: Dick Yarwood, Stan Wolfson, Bob Luckey.

Back Row: Joe Dombroski and me, Dick Kraus.