Doug, Barbara, Rachel and Alea help us move into the guest cottage at the home of one of Doug’s friends.
Rachel and Toby, the new addition to the family. This cute-as-a-button pooch was a stray that Rachel talked her parents into adopting. It didn’t take long for everyone to warm to his loving ways.



Doug has started a new hobby. This is one of the two salt water tanks displayed in his home, in which he is growing live coral.
On Sunday, Doug and the girls took us to Long Beach to visit one of our favorite places; The Aquarium of the Pacific.



Rachel snaps a photo as she and Doug look at a display tank with some humongous jelly fish.
Doug and Rachel pose for grandpa, in a park area outside the aquarium.



After several hours looking at fish, we took a walk around the Long Beach Marina.

Sunday evening Matt texted Doug that he was driving down to see us and he was bringing Chance and his “new” girlfriend. This was the first anyone had heard anything about a girlfriend. We didn’t know if he was clowing around and playing with our heads. I suggested that he would show up with a female dog and tell us, “Meet my new girlfriend.” But, lo and behold, here was Annie, a lovely, quiet and delightful young lady with whom everyone fell in love.

Hiya, Annie. Welcome to the zoo.



It was wonderful to see Chance, again.

My gosh, he has really grown up and matured into a handsome and delightful young man.

And Matt... well Matt is Matt. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.



On Monday, Rachel and Alea wanted to do some shopping, so Barbara took them to a mall and they shopped. Barbara is a good shopper and Alea liked her sense of fashion. At home, she modeled one of the two tops that she bought.
Doug presented me with a belated Father’s Day gift. It was tickets to The Hollywood Bowl to hear a concert by the Count Basie Orchestra. Wow. That was a treat. Barbara and I love the old big band music. So, he drove us up to L.A. and we picked up Matt and Liz, who had come down from San Francisco to spend some time with us, and he packed a gourmet dinner picnic, which we are enjoying here,


And here they are. The Count Basie Orch. on a beautiful, albeit chilly night. Good music, good food, great company...does it get any better than this?


Below is a panoramic view of The Hollywood Bowl.



Rachel’s dance school held a recital at the end of the summer term
and we were in town at right time to see it. Here are some scenes.






Alea’s art class finished the summer term with an exhibit of the student’s work. We went to the school to look at Alea’s creativity. Barbara and I were very impressed with the talent exhibited by our granddaughters.
Alea holds up one of her masterpieces.



A close up of the pretty artist and her imaginative work of art.

One last fling before heading back to New York. We drove back to LA to Matt’s apartment.


Annie and Chance were waiting there for us and we walked a couple of blocks to a nice Cuban restaurant where we enjoyed a wonderful dinner.

Missing from this group shot is Barbara who took the photo.


Matt and Annie.
What a great couple.

After a great dinner, we strolled back to Matt’s apartment, where he tried to show us some old family 8mm movies. But, the projector lamp worked for about 12 seconds before going out. Matt and Doug worked on it for a couple of hours before it was finally decided that the lamp had blown. But, for those couple of hours, the brothers regaled us with their wacky antics and slapstick banter. Not much has changed in all those years.


In spite of heavy traffic on the freeways every time we went up to LA, and a projector lamp that wouldn’t work, nothing could diminish the love and happiness that we experienced as a family. Doug, Bobbi and the girls went to great lengths to make sure that Barbara and I enjoyed our stay. We really appreciated the fantastic menus that Doug produced when we ate at his house, and we had a ball with Bobbi, Rachel and Alea and the dogs. Matt made sure that his apartment was clean and habitable when we visited him in LA. We enjoyed it and especially meeting Annie. Thanks, Matt and Annie. And Chance added to our enjoyment. He is a pleasure to be around. And, a big thank you to my Liz who made the long drive down from San Francisco to spend some time with her Dad and Barbara. Thanks Sweetie. We love you all.