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About Us

from Grandpa's Studio came into being right after I got my first computer sometime in the early '90's. It was an Apple Macintosh Performa and it came with a simple word processor that had a drawing program that would allow me to make simple geometric shapes. My grandson, Brian, had just celebrated a first or second birthday and needed some thank you cards to send out to friends and family who had given him gifts.

I always had a yearning to create and I decided to design a card for him on my computer. The results were certainly pretty crude, but it would do the job for which it was intended. Plus, it was more personal than a massed produced store bought card.

The only thing it lacked to make it creditable was a logo on the back page, like the ones displayed by those store bought cards. I used the draw program, once more and put together some geometric shapes. I filled them in with some color and added some text and thus was born the from Grandpa's Studio logo that has been used since.