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It's only natural that after a 42 year career as a staff photographer for the Long Island (NY) newspaper, Newsday, I would have a a collection of photos stored on my hard drives and archived to CD's. The great joy of being a news photographer is that it allowed me to work in a number of venues. My work consisted of much more than chasing spot news. While there was certainly ample opportunities for that, I also got to shoot the softer side of news and was able to get many nice images of people, places and things. As you will see from the assortment shown here, I made formal and informal photos of celebrities and common folk. I made photos in public relations and corporate situations. And in the field as well as in the studio, my lenses captured illustrative scenes. Let me show you some of my favorites in order to promote my ability and diversity.

All photographs © Dick Kraus for Newsday

John Kennedy speaking in NYC

Jackie Kennedy at JFK's Funeral

German Training Ship Gorch Foch in NY Harbor

Begin, Carter & Sedat sign Camp David Peace Accord

Air Mexico crash in blizzard at Idlewild

Avianca 707 crash on Long Island

Pope John Paul during NYC visit

Black Muslim activist Malcolm X

Pres. Clinton & family review fleet in NY Harbor

Clinton speaks at July 4th Op Sail

Comedian Milton Berle

Actress Goldie Hawn

NYC Mayor Ed Koch

Harley man and family

Local Postmaster

Professional house painter

Flower gatherer for florist

Santa and admirer

Family and house they converted from rescue station

Laborer at Dome of the Rock Mosque, Jerusalem

Omaha Beach 50 years after D-Day

Utah Beach 50 years after D-Day

Miso fish platter

Peach Pie

All photographs © Dick Kraus for Newsday