A new batch of old photos turned up recently (6/03), when my cousin May saw this web site and sent me an envelope filled with yellowed and fading snapshots of the family from the 30's.

Let's see. How is May related? Her father, Joe Clayman, was a cousin to my grandmother, Yetta Sherman. So, that made Joe a cousin once removed to my mother? Well, anyway, the Claymans and the Shermans were pretty tight and I grew up calling them Uncle Joe and Aunt Anna. They had one child, a daughter named May who was a few years older than I. They lived in Hempstead, as did we. Uncle Joe owned a dry cleaning and tailor shop on Main Street right in the village. In fact, I remember that the Long Island Railroad tracks ran right behind his shop and as a kid, I used to enjoy standing in his rear door watching the trains come into the station. In the 30's and 40's the station was located several blocks to the south of its present location. And, the trains were pulled by honest to God real live coal burning steam engines. I really enjoyed watching those steam belching, smelly, noisy machines as they rolled past the shop door.

The Claymans had a maid. Hazel was a young African-American teenaged girl, who knocked at their door, looking for work. May was an infant and they were happy to have some one to help look after her. Over the years Hazel became a beloved member of their family and she extended that love and compassion to all of the rest of us.

Now, let's look at these old photos.

My mother, Betty Kraus and Aunt Anna Clayman in the Clayman backyard. I still remember the trellis and the grapes. 1939.

Oh, Lord. I don't know why I put this up. It's a photo that I have spent my childhood trying to forget. And, now it pops up again. Dick sits on the potty. 1933,


OK. This is a little better. A studio portrait. c.1935.

Dick and Carol with Betty Kraus (mom) and the Clayman's dog, Prince, in Clayman's backyard. 1939.

Dick and Carol under the Clayman's grape arbor. 1937.


Carol and Cousin Anita. c.1940.

Carol. 1939.


Anita plays with a puppy. 1939.

Anita plays with a puppy. 1939.

Carol with a sandwich. 1939.


Dick with a dog. I have no idea which dog this was. 1939.

Dick, Cousin May and Carol with the Clayman's dog, Prince, in their backyard. 1937.